C25K: W3,D1

After resting for a few days after the race, Wednesday I got back on the pavement for W3D1. My new running jacket came in handy as of course I chose the mid-40s, windy Wednesday instead of the 70 degrees and sunny Tuesday, LOL. Oh, and my jacket has thumb holes, exciting! I hadn’t even noticed when I bought it, but that turned out to be a nice surprise.

Anyhoo, week three is a 90 sec jog, 90 sec walk, 3 min jog, 3 min walk, times two, plus five min each walking warmup and cooldown. Three minute run, people! In typical me fashion, the first three of my running intervals ended up being uphill. Genius at work, folks! Lol. I guess I’ll just say I am challenging myself and strengthening my legs even more. πŸ™‚

Oh, and my lungs, those bastards were the real challenge today. My asthma doesn’t like wind. It turned out alright, I just had to keep focused on my breath pattern to stay on track.

So, I made it. It definitely is a mental thing, like they say. Running is weird that way. My brain tries to give up before I really have to, and I have to talk a little shit to it to get it to calm the fuck down and lemme keep going.

Running also is funny because when I’m not actually running my brain thinks running feels great. In my mind, when my body is on the couch, I’m fabulous at running, lol. Then, when I actually run, my mind is like, oh, this shit sucks! Dude, what are we doing this for?! But, about halfway through it starts to think maybe we won’t die after all, and by the end the brain is so drunk on endorphins it believes we actually had a super fun time! And even later in the day, it is still happy. The next day, the amnesia and delusions of grandeur set in and Mind is all like, we should be in the freakin Olympics, and Legs are like STFU, feeble Mind, we didn’t even go two miles in thirty minutes yesterday, ya moron. πŸ™‚

There ought to be a public service announcement about it. “This is your brain on running. Any questions?” Hahaa


Kiss Me, I’m Irish 5K

Race morning diary
5:15 a.m. OMG, being awake hurts. Too early. Whhhhyyyyyyy am i doing this? OMG, it is cold, too. Whhhyyyy.
5:18 a.m. Managing to keep one eye constantly open, working on prying up the second eyelid
5:20 a.m. Ha, I bet Honey Bear didn’t actually expect me to get up.
5:25 a.m. I’m like a hibernating bear that got woken too soon. Not enough sleepppp. Whhhyyyy!
5:30 a.m. A little coffee and cereal. Not really hungry, but need to eat a bit and get the caffeine flowing in my veins.
5:40-5:55 a.m. Teeth brushed, hair ponytailed, clothes thrown on, shoes tied, accessories grabbed. Thanking goodness I got all this shit together and laid out last night.
5:59 a.m. Garage door goes up. OMG, it is still dark. I had no idea. I don’t see this time of day, well, like ever.
6 a.m. Honey Bear is a sweetheart and is driving me to the race. He never went to bed! Eating half of a banana and sipping some water.
6:20 a.m. Arrive at the race site, get number pinned on to shirt, decide to wear a jacket, gloves and hat cuz it is cold. Take a potty break. Watch the sun rise all pink and purpley.
6:40 a.m. Stretch and talk to Honey Bear by the car. Jog in place a bit. People-watch. Some folks have interesting St. Patrick’s Day-themed attire. I have a green shamrock blinking light necklace on. πŸ™‚
6:55 a.m. Say bye to Honey Bear and get closer to the starting line. Buy an ear warmer. Get my C25K and Runkeeper apps launched.
7:05 a.m. The 10K runners set off. I line up in the back of the 5K pack and wait a few more minutes, and then we’re off, too!


Race diary
Crossing the starting line of my first run-walk 5K! It is cold and I’m excited and a tad bit nervous. I start out running with my C25K W2,D3 program running on my phone. I decided to use it to try to pace myself and give myself timed walking breaks. Running is HARD! Why do I keep forgetting that?! How am I gonna keep this up? Oh, I’m doing this. Is it time to walk some yet? Oh, good, it is. Oh, no, more running! The pavement is hard! Whhhyyyyy. Ok, just focus on your breathing, try to stay close to these five or so other really slow people. These are my people. It has got to be over a mile by now, right? Yes, just barely. Sweet! Oh, no, this incline is going to happen right when my running interval starts! Hang on, you can keep running. Whew, made it. Flat walking behind a school. Oh goody, the downhill is on my next running segment! Woot, I’m flying now! Oh, look, the cops are waiting for us slow folks to get by so they can open the road back up. Nice. Hey, look, there is the finish, but I’m running past it, not through it. Surely, it has got to be two miles now, no! Not even close. OMG, whhhyyyy! Hey look, that girl lost her shoe. Annnd now she’s already ahead of me again, nice. Now I’m heading into a neighborhood, gotta be two miles now, NO! Oh, this sucks! Hey, kids with water, thank goodness! Bless their hearts. Running a loop and converging with some 10Kers, wow, seriously, this is taking a really long time and these people are already coming back! Finally, two miles! I got this shit now! Maybe I’ll make it out of this neighborhood after all. I vow to not look at the mileage again, that was stressin’ me out! Wow, that fat dude in the gray sweatsuit is doing the 10K?! He’s fucking awesome! Good for him! Meanwhile, I’m doing this 5K and I’m finally hot but I don’t want to carry this jacket! I swear if I survive this I will buy a proper wicking running jacket. Hey, the neighborhood exit, and the water kids again, YAY!!!!!!!! Couple sips, toss my cup, let’s finish this! Wooooohooooo. Oh look at all those folks already finished and walking back to their cars, wow, that’s great. Hey, I can almost see the building near the finish! I got this. It is almost over! Gotta keep doing these running intervals, though I have been walking longer stretches between now. It is in my head, not in my legs, I can keep running, it is just mental. Real runner-looking guy, clearly long finished, standing on the sidewalk yells at me “Finish strong!” Yeah man, I’m trying! Gonna try to run all the way in, oh, gotta walk a sec, ok, running again, Oh look, there is Honey Bear by the finish! Waving to him, and watching the clock over the finish, 49 minutes and forty-something seconds. Oh hell no, I gotta get in before it hits 50! Running hard, and I get in under the wire!!! I know it is not my real time anyway cuz it was for the 10k start, but hey, a little mini-goal was great motivation at the finish! Chick cuts my chip off my shoe, I grab water, and run into a lady I met at the start. We chat a bit, then I go find Honey Bear and get my picture taken by the race sign.

Wooohoooo, I did it! That was awesome! And like death! And fun! Like fun death!!!!!! Haahaaa, endorphins are fabulous.

Oh, and my official time was just a hair under 45 minutes!

Post-race diary
Honey Bear and I go to Denny’s to eat, and it is so hard to believe it is barely after 8 when a whole day seems to have passed already. It takes awhile for us to get our food because they were really busy. I have all this excitement and am all jacked up on energy I can hardly sit still! I text my friends and update my Facebook and babble on and on to Honey Bear. I drink a buncha water and coffee. Finally I eat eggs, hashbrowns and SIX pieces of bacon! And some of his fruit.


After we get home I’m still hungry! No one told me that I would eat ALL day after a race, but I basically snacked constantly between meals. Usually healthy snacks but still, I couldn’t believe my appetite! And I had to pee all day, too! Keeping hydrated has its drawbacks, LOL!

I stretched a lot after we got home, and eventually I napped after some of the coffee and race energy wore off. Later in the evening I got a massage, and it seemed even better than usual because of the soreness that was starting to set in. I did a little shopping before the massage appointment, and I bought that wicking jacket I promised myself, and on sale at that. And also a pair of running capris.

By late evening I’m pretty sore, and moaning randomly when I have to get up or switch my position on the couch. Mostly it was just whining. πŸ™‚ The worst of the soreness was in my upper legs, a first since I started this adventure in running. Adjusting my sleeping position during the night sucked, but surprisingly I was able to get out of bed fairly easily the next morning. Not anywhere near as bad off as my post-Day 1 shin death experience. In fact, my shins are doing pretty well. And my upper leg soreness has eased, and I’m feeling it more in my calves now. But overall I feel way better than I expected! And I freaking ran part of a 5K, how ’bout them apples?!! πŸ˜‰

C25K: W2, D2

Well, this one was a little different because I ran indoors for the first time. We still have snow on the ground, and streets, and sidewalks, from Sunday. Some has melted into slush and refrozen, so I didn’t think running on ice was a smart idea. πŸ™‚

I don’t have a treadmill, so I literally just ran around inside a building. It wasn’t bad actually. There were several large rooms to make a path through, so it wasn’t like I was running teeny circles. Only thing of note was I didn’t use my inhaler beforehand, and my breathing was pretty good. I wouldn’t try that in a race, but it is good to know that I am doing a good job controlling my breathing and pacing myself.

I missed the outdoor aspect of it, but indoors was a good alternative to not running at all. With the 5K on Saturday morning, I didn’t want to do any more running past Wednesday so I won’t be sore.

5Ks of the future

So, I signed up for a local 5K. It is on Saturday. Like, this Saturday. LOL. I plan to walk most of it. Maybe I’m insane, but I think it will be fun. If it turns out to be a bad idea, I’ll blame the thundersnow and thundersleet that has descended on my area and has me longing for spring and getting outside more. It is cold as heck today, but should be nicer by the weekend.

I’m also blaming all the fun and inspiring photos on my Facebook of friends who participated in the Little Rock marathon events Sunday!

I’ll also claim to be using this as a baseline for future 5Ks, or as I like to call it, making myself feel fast later πŸ˜‰

The main thing will be getting myself to the race on time. It is in the a.m. Shudder!!! Since I hate getting out of bed I’m really gonna have to talk to myself about this and mentally prepare.

I have several 5Ks in mind between now and May. The first one I’d actually be on target to run, or run most of, (after my projected finish of C25K training) will be a fun glow run with my friend Ninjabreadmom in mid-April. But, there are two others I have my eye on to run-walk before that, aside from this coming weekend, so hopefully I’ll be improving on target and still be enjoying it. You know I’ll keep y’all posted! πŸ™‚

C25K W1D3 and W2D1

So, let’s see, nothing really good or bad happened during my third run. Other than a technology clusterfuck. My phone has been lying to me lately, acting like it is all charged up, then wham, dead. So, that is pretty much what happened 20 minutes into my run-walk, Tuesday I think it was. Ugh, anger! But, I ad libbed and finished out my session by my own count as best I could. In good news, no major soreness to report. Woot!

W2D1: Well, I meant to do this run Thursday, or at least by Friday. Um, yeah, didn’t happen. I ended up going back home Friday for a quick trip to see the fam and help my sister with Neffie and Niecie. With crappy weather forecast, I returned home Saturday night and that is when I squeezed in my run. I got home about 10:45 p.m. and then hurried out to get my run-walk in before the sleetmageddon snowpocalypse descends Sunday. It was windy and chilly and spitting rain, but I got er done. This week increases to 1.5 minutes of running, 2 minutes walking intervals. It felt a lil crazy to be running in the cold and dark (Honey Bear insisted I take a flashlight), but it felt good!

As for other exercise, I attended no taekwondo classes this week. :/ oops. However, I got quite the workout playing with Niecie and Neffie, and my arms are sore, and my calves got worked out bouncing baby girl to get her fussy sick self to sleep. πŸ™‚

C25K Day 2: Much better

By Saturday afternoon, I was ready to try again. I ate my breakfast, had some coffee, did more stretching than previously, tied on my new shoes and jogged a little around the house off and on to make sure my shins were going to hold up, took at hit off my inhaler, then I set off.

Warmup walk felt good. First run segment was still hard, and I felt a little soreness in my shins then, but nothing like before. By my second run segment, nothing ached and that was a relief. Even my lungs were doing better than the first round.

With the app telling me when to do what, I was able to spend my mental energy concentrating on my breathing. I tried to do a four step count for both inhaling and exhaling during the walking portions and a three step count for the running parts. It worked pretty well, and when I got to sucking more wind a few times I was able to refocus quickly, and thus had no wheezing or chest tightness this time. Woot!

My one not-so-bright idea was to try running in my yard. I started out on the street, but had decided that partway into it I’d try switching to grass to maybe take some impact off my shins. Maybe this would have been a good idea if I was in a park or on a trail or somewhere else with grass, but not my yard.

I forgot about the moles. And all their damn holes. My yard is a broken ankle waiting to happen. I did a few segments around the backyard but after I damn near fell down I hightailed it back out to the street. Thanks a bunch, you rodent bastards.

Anyways, the rest of the workout went well. I mean, I’m not going to say the running part was fun by any means, but it wasn’t like death. So, baby steps. I also tried to really slow it down during the cool down, and so walked at a comfortable pace back to my house, pausing occasionally to do a couple stretches or kick my legs a bit.

Back at the ranch and a little buzzed on exercise, I blabbered on and on about my run-walk and stretching to poor Honey Bear. I then retired to my newly cleaned out workout room with a glass of water and a greek yogurt. I did some yoga and whatever stretching felt good, and took my time enjoying it.

I felt good later that night, energized and having no discomfort. On the advice of my friend I iced my shins just in case. The next day would be the test, and I am pleased to report that Sunday I was able to get out of bed and walk just fine! πŸ™‚ There has been no tottering around, and minimal soreness that seems more evenly dispersed between my calves, hamstrings and shins.

Today is Monday, and I thought about attempting my third session, but my hamstrings are kinda tight, so I’m giving myself another rest day between and doing more stretching. One days’ rest is probably pushing it at this point in the training.

C25K Day 1 Mistakes

So, what went wrong… Well, I’m impatient and clueless about fitness, so a lot.

First, I should have planned this out better. I mull things over, it can take awhile. But once I decide to do something, I start right then. Maybe not the best approach here.

1) Shoes. Why did I run-walk in my old-ass shoes? Oh, because I decided THE DAY BEFORE I was going to start. Stupid.

2) Time. Woke up late, as usual. Oh, only an hour and a half before I have to leave for work? Sure, I have time to run, shower, get dressed, make lunch, etc. Right.

3) Stretching. Borne of mistake number two, I did not spend nearly enough time stretching. Dumb. Nor did I really know the types of stretching that would be most beneficial. Sigh.

I’m sure I made, and will make, other mistakes, but we’ll start with these.

First remedy, get some new shoes. These are my sad old shoes. Barefoot Merrells which I loved because they are so lightweight. But they are more than a year old, and have, like, no support, and coffee stains on them. Long story. Anyway, probably not what I ought to have started running in.


So, I went to a running store on Friday, after I was most,y finished limping from my decrepit shins. They measured my feet, then put me on a treadmill and videoed my feet during a quick jog. They told me all about my gait and what type of stability I’d need in a shoe. I tried on five or six pairs, ran around the store, repeatedly hitching up my pants because I’ve lost some weight (more on that later), and I picked out some new shoes.

Here are my happy new kicks:


I got me a couple pairs of good socks, and a blue sparkly headband because I needed it. πŸ˜‰ Ready to rock.

As for my other mistakes, I resolved to give myself plenty of time or else just not try to run (at least not for the full training session) and to stretch A LOT more. I looked up a bunch of pre- and post-run stretches and am trying to get with the program.