Now I’m paranoid about cleaning my toilet

My cat is obsessed with the toilet brush. You guessed it, we’re talking about Naughty Kitty here.

For years he barely paid it any notice. I kept it in the corner behind the toilet, in a little caddy with the opening for the brush turned toward the wall. He knew it was there, but just ignored it.

Then one day earlier this year he apparently discovered how awesome it was and fell in love with it.

At first I’d find it slightly moved, with the brush turned outward. Then I started to find it in the middle of the bathroom, lying on the floor. After I found the brush removed from the caddy, I started hiding it.

I stashed the caddy and brush in the cabinet under the sink. I thought, Out of sight, out of mind. Soon he’ll forget about it and I can casually set it back behind the toilet one day and he’ll never notice. It didn’t work out like that.

The cat learned to open the cabinet door. He breaks in to spend time with his toilet brush. Just let that sink in for a minute. …

Several times I’ve caught him in the act, crouching in the dark cabinet rubbing his face on the toilet brush. Most times I just see the evidence. I come home from work, the cabinet is open, the brush is missing a few more bristles. I get up in the morning and find that he couldn’t make it through the night without a toilet-brush fix.

Is there a meeting I can send him to? Are there 12 Steps To Recovering From Your Toilet Brush Obsession? “Hi, I’m Naughty Kitty, and I have a problem.”

Now, I’m paranoid about cleaning the toilet. I don’t want him to ingest any cleaning chemicals. I’m rinsing the brush, but I feel like I’m going to have to switch to a disposable cleaning system and cut the cat off from his brush. I fear the withdrawal is going to be rough for him. Bless his weird, naughty little heart.


The bitter in the sweet

It’s birthday time. Not mine, but the children I love most. My goddaughter, nephew and cousin all have birthdays within a 4-week period. There is also a baby due soon on Honey Bear’s side of the family, and the girl I previously wrote about announcing her pregnancy and baby name (my name) on FB just delivered her daughter. So, what does this all mean? Well, nothing generally speaking. To me it just marks the passing of more time. All the children who were conceived and born while I have been TTC are another year older. It means shopping for presents in sections of stores I try not to go into otherwise, and in the process seeing adorable little items I still have no need of purchasing. It’s fun to pick out princess or superhero stuff, things that I hope will bring smiles to the faces of my little people, and at the same time it sucks. It is parties and cake and celebrations of growing. It also is another year gone. It is what it is – sweet and bitter, bitter and sweet.


In Crafty Crazy Cat Lady news, I made a pillow for my cats’ basket. It is mostly for Good Kitty, as she sleeps in the basket the most, but Naughty Kitty has been known to squish his giant self in there too on occasion.

I know, it really is crazy-cat-lady-esque to be sewing shit for your cats. But what else am I supposed to do with such adorable fabric! But if I start making blankets or anything for them, y’all please intervene. … Maybe at that point the universe would take pity on me and give me a kid that I would then have no time to sew for… I’d be cool with that.

K is for kitties

My kitties are my babies. I limit myself to 2. Mostly so I don’t reach crazy cat lady status. πŸ™‚

I sort of accidentally became a cat person. I never had any cats growing up, and only outside dogs. My family was allergic to practically everything, indoors and outdoors, so it was pretty much just goldfish and gerbils. In college a friend took in a stray cat, and that cat became mine after I graduated and moved to an apartment. It wasn’t but a month or 2 before I adopted a second cat from a shelter.

Sadly, I had to put that first cat to sleep at about age 5 when his kidneys suddenly failed. I didn’t get to spend as much time with that cat as I’d have liked. It was a very sad time for me. But if not for him, I probably would not have ever had cats, so he sort of taught me all about being a good cat mom.

That second cat I mentioned is still alive and kicking. She is my Good Kitty, and she’s about 11 now. She’s got chronic kidney failure (not the acute kind that killed my first cat), but with care she has been living pretty well with it for several years. Good Kitty is a shy mama’s girl. She comes when she’s called, and she really hates getting into trouble. My husband would describe her as spoiled. πŸ™‚ She likes laying on me, sleeping on my head, following me around, and pretty much anything else that involves being with me. πŸ™‚

And then there’s Naughty Kitty, who will be 6 years old this summer. He’s goofy, big, kinda dopey, hilarious, and pretty much exactly opposite of Good Kitty. He knows his name but refuses to respond. He scratches things he knows he’s not supposed to. When he gets in trouble, he’s like, whatever. Just all-around ornery. But he’s also so funny because he does atypical cat things, like lets you pick him up and basically hold him any weird way you want to including upside down and he’s totally cool with it. He gets scared of inanimate objects and turns sideways with his hair poofed out. And sometimes he puts his crazy pants on andΒ  just runs around the house hollering for no reason. πŸ™‚

OK, any other crazy kitty mamas or daddies out there?

Little things that make me happy

  • Good Kitty ate nearly a can of wet food yesterday. This is major progress since I have had her home from the vet. I have figured out that she likes it really watery, even to the point that I re-wet what she leaves on the plate and offer it to her again and she will continue eating. I’m not sure if the oceanfish and tuna classic did the trick or if the Azo.dyl she is taking is helping her. Either way, happy day.
  • I caught Naughty Kitty sleeping next to Good Kitty when I woke up in the middle of the night. He hasn’t been interacting much with her since she’s been sick so this was a nice thing to see.
  • Digging out weeds is hard work, but I find it really enjoyable. I cleaned up a flower bed yesterday and planted a few tulip bulbs. Lots of robins bounding around the yard while I was out working. Yay for Spring!
  • Seeing green start to come up out of the earth from bulbs I transplanted last year from my Granny’s and Dad’s gardens. “Heirloom” plants are even more pleasing to me to see growing than others.
  • It’s warm enough to take walks and soak up that vitamin D!
  • Taekwondo and kickboxing continue to kick ass. Kickboxing is exhausting, but it is really rewarding to push myself like that.
  • Getting to go home last week and see my family, especially my sister and nephew. My Neffie is cute and wonderful and everything he does amazes me. When he laughs and smiles it is the best thing ever.
  • Coffee.
  • Coffee mugs. I have a few fun and/or inspiring coffee mugs that make me smile when I am still bleary-eyed from getting out of bed.

Cat food stinks

So, I’m pretty much on cat food patrol while I am at home. Trying to figure out who has eaten what, and following Good Kitty around offering little plates of wet food. Her appetite has come and gone, and she’s gotten to refusing the special renal diets. So, I’m pretty much giving her anything she will eat. Stuff she never got much before, like Fe.ast and Me.ow Mix. I’m zapping the wet food for a few seconds in the microwave to make it smellier and adding water to give her more fluids. She gets some diaza.pam to stimulate her appetite when it goes south.

There are plates with dried up cat food in several rooms. I can’t wash them fast enough, with my several-times-a-day offerings. I’m leaving little pieces of dry food next to the multiple water bowls I have spread around the house now. Anything to tempt her.

It is an odd struggle because she’s giving me mixed signals. Her lab numbers are bad. The way she smells indicates she has toxins building up as a result of her kidney disease, her poor appetite and sneaking off to rest alone are worrisome signs. However, she’s drinking well, and she is still doing the little things she has always loved to do: sleep with me, watch TV with us, scratch on her post, look outside the back window, come when I call her with that look of alertness on her face.

I’ve already decided I am not going to force-feed her or give her sub-Q fluids at home. I wouldn’t want those things done for me to prolong the inevitable. But as long as she acts like she’s not giving up, I am going to follow her around, talking her into eating little bits at a time, and love on her as much as I can.

Which leads to the awesome morning I started a bit ago, while making my coffee I set about fixing Good Kitty up some wet food. It was from a package with a foil lid and I just knew when I broke the seal that juices were going to spray at me. So I was trying to hold it away from me, and when it opened not only did it spray me with stinky juice, but the package popped out of my hand and the cube of food plopped to the floor, splashing on my legs. Ahhh, yes, good morning! Sigh. At least Naughty Kitty was helpful in eating it right off the floor. I imagine he saw it as manna falling from heaven because he has been begging for Good Kitty’s food for days now. πŸ™‚

Just a little miscellaneous update

I didn’t get Good Kitty back from the vet until yesterday. Her numbers actually got worse Friday so she stayed over the weekend. Despite the treatments, her lab numbers continue to suck, but since she is eating well and acting OK we have brought her home. Naughty Kitty isn’t sure what is going on. I think he’d decided he was an only child last week. He’s hissed at her, and we’re keeping them separate when we aren’t with them just because Good Kitty smells unfamiliar since she’s been at the vet for a week. They just need some readjustment time.

Good Kitty isn’t much interested in her dry food, or much of her water, but the wet food is a hit, and I am adding extra water to it for extra fluids. She seems to like it soupy. She even ate good this morning when I put medicine in her food. Last night she wandered laps around the house, like she was trying to refamiliarize herself with the place. She’s toddling around sort of weakly, perhaps from her illness and perhaps from not using her muscles much for a week. We spent some quality time resting on the couch together last night, and then she passed out on my shoulder for a couple of hours till Honey Bear came to bed and I asked him to move her to her kitty bed in the bathroom (her temporary alone-time space).

I’m not sure whether to expect much improvement, so we are just trying to make the best of whatever time we have left. Hopefully a lot, but it is hard to tell. Today is my first vacation day of the week. I was going to head back to my hometown to see my family, but I’ve postponed the trip for a day. Good Kitty isn’t doing as well as I would like before I leave for a few days. So I’m going to spend the day at home with her and Naughty Kitty. See if I can get them reacquainted better, get her to eat and drink well, and see what she feels up to doing. Right now she’s helping me write this by supervising from my lap. πŸ™‚

I honestly haven’t thought too much about the baby stuff this week. A couple of times I have thought about the foster-to-adopt paperwork that I haven’t tackled, and I’ve felt a little guilty about it, then I’ve ignored it again. And last night I got a little shock when someone I already knew to be pregnant announced it officially on Facebook with a photo. It just sort of surprised me even though it wasn’t a surprise. I still have a $386 anesthesia bill sitting here from my surgery that I need to pay. I am glad that we didn’t have to pay for the Specialist Guy tests last week, because Good Kitty’s vet bill is taking a big portion of my paycheck that I am getting on Friday. Yay for postdating checks. So yeah, I need to sort of figure out the baby plan, but right now it is nice to take a little break.

Taekwondo continues to kick ass. I’ve gotten to spar in the last couple of weeks because I have all my protective gear now. It is pretty awesome and surprisingly quite a workout. I also attended a kickboxing class last week. I thought I might die from all the cardio, but I made it through and it rocked.

Annnnnd the verdict is…

I canceled all the appointments with Specialist Guy. Honey Bear and I talked it over, and we decided it was just too much at the moment. There were several factors to our decision, most that I have touched on here or in my guest post on Sunny’s blog. The major factors were money (I am still paying bills from my January surgery and we did not know how much the tests were going to cost, and if that would leave any left for the recommended treatment), time (2 weeks felt really rushed to accomplish all the ordered tests and have the followup), and personal (my wariness of being continually experimented on, among other things).

I left it opened-ended when I made the cancellations. I said something had come up and that I would need to reschedule but just not immediately. It wasn’t really a lie. We might decide to go back later. And something did come up (aside from all the aforementioned thoughts in my head): my kitty needed a trip to the vet, and I needed some money free to spend on that.

My Good Kitty has been living with chronic renal failure since 2009. Mostly it is managed with a special diet. But lately it has seemed to progress, as it must do eventually, and she has been throwing up more, among other little changes in her that I’ve noticed. I figured updated lab work was in order. And yes, her results have gotten worse. Our vet was concerned and surprised at how bad some of her numbers have gotten. Since Good Kitty still seems to be enjoying life, jumping around and playing at times, and loving being with her people, we don’t want to have to put her down yet. So she has been staying at the vet clinic since Tuesday night, getting medicine and IV fluids in an effort to get the important bloodwork numbers back in line, with the hopes that if gotten under control there that she will continue to do well once back home with the addition of medication.

Good Kitty is getting her blood tests done again today, and I am hoping to find out the results soon. I really want her back home. It has been so weird not having her in the house. She’s taken to following me around a lot. Into the bathroom, into the kitchen. She sits on the futon with me when we watch TV, and when it’s time for bed she follows me, asking to be let under the covers. I look, expecting her to be in all the places she usually is, and it surprises me each time when she isn’t there. I am ready to have my little shadow back.