C25K: W3,D1

After resting for a few days after the race, Wednesday I got back on the pavement for W3D1. My new running jacket came in handy as of course I chose the mid-40s, windy Wednesday instead of the 70 degrees and sunny Tuesday, LOL. Oh, and my jacket has thumb holes, exciting! I hadn’t even noticed when I bought it, but that turned out to be a nice surprise.

Anyhoo, week three is a 90 sec jog, 90 sec walk, 3 min jog, 3 min walk, times two, plus five min each walking warmup and cooldown. Three minute run, people! In typical me fashion, the first three of my running intervals ended up being uphill. Genius at work, folks! Lol. I guess I’ll just say I am challenging myself and strengthening my legs even more. 🙂

Oh, and my lungs, those bastards were the real challenge today. My asthma doesn’t like wind. It turned out alright, I just had to keep focused on my breath pattern to stay on track.

So, I made it. It definitely is a mental thing, like they say. Running is weird that way. My brain tries to give up before I really have to, and I have to talk a little shit to it to get it to calm the fuck down and lemme keep going.

Running also is funny because when I’m not actually running my brain thinks running feels great. In my mind, when my body is on the couch, I’m fabulous at running, lol. Then, when I actually run, my mind is like, oh, this shit sucks! Dude, what are we doing this for?! But, about halfway through it starts to think maybe we won’t die after all, and by the end the brain is so drunk on endorphins it believes we actually had a super fun time! And even later in the day, it is still happy. The next day, the amnesia and delusions of grandeur set in and Mind is all like, we should be in the freakin Olympics, and Legs are like STFU, feeble Mind, we didn’t even go two miles in thirty minutes yesterday, ya moron. 🙂

There ought to be a public service announcement about it. “This is your brain on running. Any questions?” Hahaa


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