C25K W1D3 and W2D1

So, let’s see, nothing really good or bad happened during my third run. Other than a technology clusterfuck. My phone has been lying to me lately, acting like it is all charged up, then wham, dead. So, that is pretty much what happened 20 minutes into my run-walk, Tuesday I think it was. Ugh, anger! But, I ad libbed and finished out my session by my own count as best I could. In good news, no major soreness to report. Woot!

W2D1: Well, I meant to do this run Thursday, or at least by Friday. Um, yeah, didn’t happen. I ended up going back home Friday for a quick trip to see the fam and help my sister with Neffie and Niecie. With crappy weather forecast, I returned home Saturday night and that is when I squeezed in my run. I got home about 10:45 p.m. and then hurried out to get my run-walk in before the sleetmageddon snowpocalypse descends Sunday. It was windy and chilly and spitting rain, but I got er done. This week increases to 1.5 minutes of running, 2 minutes walking intervals. It felt a lil crazy to be running in the cold and dark (Honey Bear insisted I take a flashlight), but it felt good!

As for other exercise, I attended no taekwondo classes this week. :/ oops. However, I got quite the workout playing with Niecie and Neffie, and my arms are sore, and my calves got worked out bouncing baby girl to get her fussy sick self to sleep. 🙂


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