C25K Day 2: Much better

By Saturday afternoon, I was ready to try again. I ate my breakfast, had some coffee, did more stretching than previously, tied on my new shoes and jogged a little around the house off and on to make sure my shins were going to hold up, took at hit off my inhaler, then I set off.

Warmup walk felt good. First run segment was still hard, and I felt a little soreness in my shins then, but nothing like before. By my second run segment, nothing ached and that was a relief. Even my lungs were doing better than the first round.

With the app telling me when to do what, I was able to spend my mental energy concentrating on my breathing. I tried to do a four step count for both inhaling and exhaling during the walking portions and a three step count for the running parts. It worked pretty well, and when I got to sucking more wind a few times I was able to refocus quickly, and thus had no wheezing or chest tightness this time. Woot!

My one not-so-bright idea was to try running in my yard. I started out on the street, but had decided that partway into it I’d try switching to grass to maybe take some impact off my shins. Maybe this would have been a good idea if I was in a park or on a trail or somewhere else with grass, but not my yard.

I forgot about the moles. And all their damn holes. My yard is a broken ankle waiting to happen. I did a few segments around the backyard but after I damn near fell down I hightailed it back out to the street. Thanks a bunch, you rodent bastards.

Anyways, the rest of the workout went well. I mean, I’m not going to say the running part was fun by any means, but it wasn’t like death. So, baby steps. I also tried to really slow it down during the cool down, and so walked at a comfortable pace back to my house, pausing occasionally to do a couple stretches or kick my legs a bit.

Back at the ranch and a little buzzed on exercise, I blabbered on and on about my run-walk and stretching to poor Honey Bear. I then retired to my newly cleaned out workout room with a glass of water and a greek yogurt. I did some yoga and whatever stretching felt good, and took my time enjoying it.

I felt good later that night, energized and having no discomfort. On the advice of my friend I iced my shins just in case. The next day would be the test, and I am pleased to report that Sunday I was able to get out of bed and walk just fine! 🙂 There has been no tottering around, and minimal soreness that seems more evenly dispersed between my calves, hamstrings and shins.

Today is Monday, and I thought about attempting my third session, but my hamstrings are kinda tight, so I’m giving myself another rest day between and doing more stretching. One days’ rest is probably pushing it at this point in the training.


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