C25K Day 1 Mistakes

So, what went wrong… Well, I’m impatient and clueless about fitness, so a lot.

First, I should have planned this out better. I mull things over, it can take awhile. But once I decide to do something, I start right then. Maybe not the best approach here.

1) Shoes. Why did I run-walk in my old-ass shoes? Oh, because I decided THE DAY BEFORE I was going to start. Stupid.

2) Time. Woke up late, as usual. Oh, only an hour and a half before I have to leave for work? Sure, I have time to run, shower, get dressed, make lunch, etc. Right.

3) Stretching. Borne of mistake number two, I did not spend nearly enough time stretching. Dumb. Nor did I really know the types of stretching that would be most beneficial. Sigh.

I’m sure I made, and will make, other mistakes, but we’ll start with these.

First remedy, get some new shoes. These are my sad old shoes. Barefoot Merrells which I loved because they are so lightweight. But they are more than a year old, and have, like, no support, and coffee stains on them. Long story. Anyway, probably not what I ought to have started running in.


So, I went to a running store on Friday, after I was most,y finished limping from my decrepit shins. They measured my feet, then put me on a treadmill and videoed my feet during a quick jog. They told me all about my gait and what type of stability I’d need in a shoe. I tried on five or six pairs, ran around the store, repeatedly hitching up my pants because I’ve lost some weight (more on that later), and I picked out some new shoes.

Here are my happy new kicks:


I got me a couple pairs of good socks, and a blue sparkly headband because I needed it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Ready to rock.

As for my other mistakes, I resolved to give myself plenty of time or else just not try to run (at least not for the full training session) and to stretch A LOT more. I looked up a bunch of pre- and post-run stretches and am trying to get with the program.


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