For your amusement – search terms

Ever wonder how people find you on the interwebs? Well, sometimes they type weird shit into a search engine and hit Go and somehow some bizarre connection is made to bring them to your teensy blip of an online home.

Thanks to my site stats, I know that a lot of folks glitter and/or rainbows in conjunction with a ton of other word combinations. I also get infertility (“Insurance coverage for infertility sucks”) and crafty (“cutting felt”) referrals. These I can understand.

But, for your amusement, Here are some of the more WTF search terms that actually led someone to click on this here blog:

“Naughty little constitution miscellaneuos, he he he!

Small thing sculpture cray

Glitter deviled eggs

Bitter lonely childless feminist cat ladies

Bitter feminist childless cat ladies

I shit glitter and rainbows

Hat made of fruit

Glitter panties

Can i get mu felopian tubes unstuffed

I am on the toilet i can let him out

Glitter on by surgery

Does shit glitter work”


4 thoughts on “For your amusement – search terms

  1. I wish I had a poll on my site where if somebody clicked over and unexpectedly landed on my site, if they liked the website anyway.

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