Felt Quiet Book

The felt ornaments I was making got me started thinking about making a little book for my Neffie. Apparently these sorts of things are called Quiet Books, and there are about a gajillion on the interwebs already.

I have several page ideas already, but I made my first actual page tonight — an animal abacus.

No one call the Sewing Police, I know the stitching is all cray-cray on the sides, but I was going more for reinforcement than looks. Neffie’s 2, he don’t care. 🙂

I sewed the ribbons threaded with animal beads onto a sheet of felt. In the interest of safety (so Neffie doesn’t get the beads off and eat them), I used some glue and some scrap pieces of felt on the back to cover over the sewing to hopefully give it more strength. Then I used strips of felt on the front to cover over where the ribbons are sewed on.

When I make another page I will sew the pages together so all the stitching and stuff on the back is covered. So stay tuned for more pages.


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