Notes on Halloween

We’re having a pretty low-key Halloween.

With no kids, it’s too weird to just show up to parades or random local trunk-or-treats by yourself. I feel like you become one of those people that folks want to call the cops on or at least check and see if you arrived in a van with no windows.

With a broken-footed Honey Bear, going out to any grown-up parties is out, too.

I could write a whole post on all the bummer points of being childless, no trick or treating, being at home while on vacation, boohoo. But that’s boring and pitiful, so I’m doing my best to amuse myself. I wasn’t sure if we’d get many trick or treaters (I can only remember being off work one other time on Halloween, and we didn’t live in this neighborhood then), but I dressed up anyway. So far I’ve had 6 kids come by, and hearing one little girl say, “Mommy, that lady was a cat!” was reason enough.

A few Halloween observations:

  • Naughty Kitty does not like that I’ve dressed up as a cat. He keeps forgetting it is me, then turning sideways and puffing up his back and tail hair. It is hilarious.
  • Cats like to play with tails. This is not limited to their own tails. If you’re dressed as a cat, this includes your tail.
  • Cats don’t really like to wear costumes. However, mine are pretty good sports if you want to briefly humiliate them by dressing them up as a chicken. Briefly. Quite briefly.
  • Cats appreciate being offered the chicken suit for beating up on after you’ve taken it off them.
  • Naughty Kitty is a poor watch-cat. He sat in the window and watched for potential trick-or-treaters alright but sure didn’t alert me before the doorbell rang. πŸ™‚
  • Halloween can be awkward when you can’t tell if someone is in costume or just normally looks that way…

We’ll probably spend the rest of the evening watching TV, maybe even It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, which I DVR’d.


Yesterday I did get Honey Bear out for a few hours. We took a scenic drive to check out the fall foliage and stopped for lunch and a little art-gallery shopping (OK, that part was just me). I wore my cat ears and some whisker makeup, and sometimes it was funny because I’d forget I was wearing it and when people would laugh or smile at me, it would take me a minute to realize why. πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Notes on Halloween

  1. I don’t get why he is called naughty kitty. He just stays true to his attitude like all felines should. And canines. Yeah, and humans, too.

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