A Batch of LHTs

Some Little Happy Things have been collecting in my mind the last few days, so it’s time again to share them with you.

  • Vacation!!!! Honey Bear and I are on vacation together for a whole week. This is a super big deal to get with our work schedules. We had some vague travel plans before he broke his foot, but now we’ve canceled those in favor of a staycation. His foot is in no shape to be sightseeing or helping me drive, so we have adjusted to some new vague plans of sticking around the area, maybe taking a day trip, and just resting and relaxing. Our first day of staycay was spent at a doctor’s appointment for his foot, napping, and going out to supper with 2 of our friends and their kids who are moving away soon.
  • Last weekend I got to spend some time with my sister and Neffie. We had a fun time visiting a pumpkin patch — and finding our way there, an adventure in itself for 2 directionally impaired ladies. Thank goodness for GPS! We went on a hay ride, took photos amidst the pumpkins and mums, fed goats and alpacas, and watched piglets race. It was fun watching Neffie explore everything. He’s so adorable, and now he can say my name. 🙂
  • I have not killed a rose bush! When I went out back to close the vents the other evening, I discovered that not only have I not managed to kill it, it is growing and still blooming. I planted it this year as a teensie, frail-looking little thing in the spot of 3 other failed rose bushes. I had a teensie amount of hope for it. I thought it had quit blooming after the drought, but it’s baaaccckkk! Now I have a double amount of teensie hope that it will survive the winter. Woot.

  • A book I’ve been wanting to read but have been putting off that I plan to start over staycay, Charles Finch’s The Fleet Street Murders. Victorian mystery? Don’t mind if I do.
  • Bloggy stuff. I enjoyed doing Blogtober Fest over at Arkansas Women Bloggers, and now I’m excited about their new weekly linkups.
  • More bloggy stuff. In November I’m participating in NaBloPoMo. That means you’ll be seeing a post from me EVERY DAY in November. Crazy, I know. If you’re interested, click the link above or the badge in my sidebar. There are daily writing prompts provided, or you can write about whatever you want. Just post daily.

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