He fought the limb, and the limb won

So, I left Honey Bear unattended last Thursday for about 26 hours while I made a quick trip back home. Within the first 2 hours he managed to break his foot. In three places. On the third toe bone. While using a ladder to try to remove a green tree limb that broke in a storm the previous week. A limb I told him every day for a week to leave alone until we could get the neighbor’s help and some tools. Sigh.

And how did I find out? A texted photo of his foot in a boot at the ER. That my Neffie dismissed while playing a game on my phone. That I didn’t remember to look at till midnight. LOL.

Oh, and he didn’t get the limb down either. Classic. (Though I think a neighbor took mercy on us because 2 nights ago we came home from work and it had been removed.)

As I’m writing this, Honey Bear is getting an EKG and doing other preoperative testing at the hospital. We’ve got a follow up with the doctor Monday, with surgery tentatively scheduled for next Thursday. He developed a humongous blister across the top of his foot after his fall and that has to heal before he can have the surgery. And he might decide to wait on the surgery; he’s just getting ready for it if he decides to go forward with it.

I’ve been suffering with allergies all week, helping Honey Bear with taking care of his foot, and cringeing as he carts himself around on one of those walkers with wheels that I’m calling the Wheeley Deathmobile. Seriously, he’s tumped it a couple of times already.

Ah, making memories… 🙂


5 thoughts on “He fought the limb, and the limb won

  1. Oh no! I hope he’s feeling better soon and the surgery goes smoothly. What is up with these husbands and ladders while no one is home. Mine does the same thing. I get so mad! Isnt it like safety 101?

  2. Ouch! Hope it all gets better. Sounds painful. I understand what it’s like to have your hubby in the ER/hospital. My husband has problems with kidney stones and it’s tough to watch the man you love in pain, isn’t it?

  3. Oh my. I can so sympathize. Year 1: 12 weeks on a boot for broken right foot. Year 2: 12 weeks in a boot for broken left foot. Bless his ( and your) heart:)

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