BLOGtober Fest – Decorating

Aside from Christmas, I’ve never been much of a decorator. Then a few years ago I went a little crazy at a sale and next thing you know I had started collecting or making fall items. Being a keep-it-simple decorator (and by that I kind-of mean lazy), instead of choosing witches and pilgrims and whatnot, I decided to go with a harvest theme that I can keep throughout autumn.

Gourds and a candle hang out with my owl salt and pepper shakers on my dining table

Plump pumpkins and a variety of mums for outside

A grapevine wreath I decorated with picks and flowers

Pumpkins, sunflowers and candles for the mantel, with a candle warmer (currently with banana bread scent, yummmmmm). The wooden M was made for me many years ago by my grandfather and gets incorporated year-round.

This post is part of the BLOGtober Fest challenge over at AWB. Read Day 1 posts by other bloggers here.


12 thoughts on “BLOGtober Fest – Decorating

  1. Pretty decorations!! I have a “winking owl” set (cookie jar and S&P shakers) that used to belong to my great-grandmother – I need to incorporate them in my fall table decor!! Perfect without being too Halloween-y.

    • Ha, that’s funny because mine are in rough shape already. I took that photo last week, and the most I was worried about then was keeping them watered. Since then 2 of them have been de-potted by squirrels, and all of them were battered by the storm the other night, blown across the yard!

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