Zits and ovulation?

So, I saw this thing on Pinterest. It was a drawing of a face with numbers on it, and the numbers corresponded to different areas of acne, which referred to a list detailing the possible causes of acne in that facial area. Some of it was obvious (PMS hormones) and some less so (possible kidney or digestive issues). On the part about chin zits, it said that indicated ovulation, and a breakout on a particular side of the chin area indicated which side you were ovulating from.

Now, I have no idea if this is legit or not. There’s a lot of wacky shit on the interwebs. But it got me to thinking, wow, I sure have several pimples on the right side of my chin right now. And then I was like, but I’m not ovulating, didn’t I just have my period like a couple days ago? Then I was like, I really have no idea. So I looked it up on my calendar and turns out it is somehow already Cycle Day 14. So yeah, I guess I could be about to ovulate from my right side about now. Huh. Interesting.

I’ve been so not trying lately I literally haven’t even been keeping up with what cycle day, or even week, I’m on. This is kinda good news, I think. Like, for the longest time I couldn’t have made myself that oblivious if I tried. So not obsessing about it is good. However, now I’ve gone to the ignoring it phase, and it is just so strange to realize it. Strange and a little sad.


5 thoughts on “Zits and ovulation?

  1. That is an interestig theory indeed. I’d be curious to see the pic from Pinterest. Are you able to post it? I’m not on Pinterest myself…not sure I can handle Pinterest and Facebook and Blogger all at the same time. 😉

  2. I get quite a bit of acne off and on. Seems to go in 3 month cycles (one month I get cramps, one month zits, the next moody). I know my hormones are related to the acne. I didn’t know that chin zits were indicative of ovulation. I’m doubtful of the “which side” indicator. My PCOS definately lets me know which side is popping out a egg so I’ll keep track this month to see if there’s any relation. That’s an interesting article.

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