Apricot ale-fueled musings

Hey, I’m drinkin’ beer. That’s a great time to update a blog, right? Well, OK, maybe not, but here I am. Work has been suckin’ lately, so enter the post-work adult beverage. Yum. Work’s not really what I’m going to write about though.

I’ve been thinking about getting back on the Pill. Yeah, you read that right. To help my PCOS symptoms, I feel like I need to return to one of 2 things: the Pill or Metf.ormin. Right now, my hormones are just doing their own crazy thing and my face and belly are really reminding me of that. (My latest escapades with that aforementioned SNRI didn’t help the extra poundage either.) Metf.ormin would help with one of those, as well as regulate my cycle some. I fookin’ hate taking it though. The Pill would probably help everything, including my mood if I respond to it in the same way as I did in the past, but clearly there is a downside.

I feel like getting on the Pill is giving up. But haven’t I pretty much given up already? But still, there is that TEENSEY TINY chance. The Pill would eliminate any and all (likely imaginary) teensey tiny chances.


2 thoughts on “Apricot ale-fueled musings

  1. I’m a wine drinker myself. I was never able to acquire a taste for beer…except when I was in college and it was cheap and you could find it anywhere.

    Good luck with your decision between Met and the pill. I hate taking BCPs and I’ve never taken Met so I’m afraid I can’t offer any advice.

  2. I’ve taken metformin and the pill for cycles. It sounds like the metformin has had some side effects for you, but you would feel better about taking that than the pill. I guess decide if the side effects are worth the feeling better about taking that than the pill. I’ve heard metformin can increase likelihood of conceiving. Good luck, it sounds a lot like the quandry I had with my depression medications.

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