Artist date

Saturday I took myself out on an artist date (a la The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron) to the grounds of the local art museum and later a park pond and fountain. An artist date is basically a trip you take by yourself to inspire creativity. It is important to do it by yourself so that you don’t feel pressured to behave a certain way or to hurry up. I took a little shoulder bag with a small notebook, colored pencils, a pen, a pencil sharpener, my wallet and phone. You never know what you might want to do with your time.

I meandered on some trails, followed butterflies around, looked at flowers and plants, took some pictures with my phone’s camera, sketched a little, wrote down a few things that came to me, sat on large rocks, got my feet wet, saw a family of deer, stopped to listen to flowing water, and practiced a little yoga near running water. It was kind of awesome to stand in Tree pose on large rocks at a little pond in the middle of the city but feel like the city was nowhere around.

A tiny snippet of my day:



8 thoughts on “Artist date

  1. Sounds like a very nice and inspiring day. I enjoy days like those, although I haven’t taken one in a long time. Must make a point to get out for one sometime soon.

    Happy ICLW!

  2. F*** me we’re twins. I loooove the Artist’s Way. LOVE. Life-changing that book.. Honestly even though it has zero reference to a uterus in any way (hooray!) it should be a reading requirement for the sadly infertile.

  3. Beautiful post! I’ve never heard of “artist day” before. I’m definitely going to try it out, and I plan to share this concept with one of my more artsy friends…if she doesn’t already know about it herself. 🙂

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