Recent craftiness

Paper sack book

I based this off of this post from Our Daily Craft, though I didn’t really follow those instructions. I used wine sacks (yay for reusing!) instead of lunch bags, and I sewed my binding rather than hole-punching. I like the look of the sewn binding, but if you try it, keep in mind that it is really hard to punch through a stack of sacks. I used a huge quilting needle and after starting the needle I had to use the table for leverage to press the needle all the way through.

I’m using this book for collecting little things that make me happy or inspire me. So far inside I’ve included images I like, notes from people, and a little bit of very imperfect freehand embroidery I did that says “Hope is the thing with feathers…” I like the pockets the folded sacks create because I feel like I have a lot of room to expand and stash things.

Mice cat toys

I made 4 of these (the first one I made is missing from this picture because a cat has already played with it and stashed it somewhere) just for funsies out of scrap fabric. I just cut out a template from chipboard, traced it onto the back of the fabric pieces, cut them out, put right sides facing together, sewed it nearly all the way around, turned it right side out, stuffed it with polyfill, tucked the tail in there and sewed it the rest of the way shut. I liked that I was using up scraps and that because they are cat toys I didn’t feel like they had to turn out perfectly since they’re just going to get clawed and bitten and loved to death anyway.

The kitties really enjoyed them; Good Kitty brought hers over to play fetch, then took it to her bed later. Awww. I know, I’m edging closer to Crazy Cat Lady status, LOL.


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