I’m the crazy aunt

My sweet little Neffie is turning 2, and he had a great party yesterday. Good turnout, lots of food, kids had a blast with a slip ‘n slide and bubbles. I even cut out Mic.key Mou.se shaped PB&J sandwiches. Yeah, that’s right, the key to every awesome party, Lol.

Most of the adults at these type of things figure out who I am because I look and sound similar to my sister. Kids seem to get confused; I had a couple ask me who I was, which is totally fine.

Then, one older kid near the end of the party came up and asked, “Whose mother are you?” I said I wasn’t anyone’s mother. Kid looks confused. I explained that Neffie is my nephew and Neffie’s mom is my sister. Kid stares at me like I’m speaking a foreign language. I wanted to say, ‘Look, kid, I’m not a mother and it doesn’t make any fucking sense to me either.’ Instead I opted for distraction and said something like, “Oh, look at what the kids are playing with over there…”

So, I’m thinking maybe I need to make a crafty button that says “I’m the crazy aunt” just so everyone’s clear that I’m not just some weirdo taking photos and playing with small children.

P.S. Usually when I check my site stats I find the search terms people use to find my blog include the words glitter or rainbows, often in conjunction with the word unicorn… Tonight I noticed that recently someone was referred to my blog after they searched for “bitter lonely childless feminist cat ladies.” nice. Hope you found what you were looking for.


5 thoughts on “I’m the crazy aunt

  1. Omg! Your blog referral!?!? I got one… Kinda funny “mom you fucking suck!”

    It seems like everytime you don’t want to think about something, the universe says… You can run but can not hide!

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