Making up with the universe

A recent burst of craftiness has me sewing quilt squares, so Saturday I thought, why couldn’t I make my own prayer flags? I am going to get some of the traditional Tibetan variety because I like them, but there is something special about making your own. Sort of therapeutic and whatnot, which I certainly need in my letting-go phase.

The general gist of prayer flags is to send your blessings and good intentions out to the world on the breeze. The flags aren’t just for your own benefit but for the good will of all.

Here are my flags:

I just used things I already had around the house to make these: A piece of a cracker box to cut out the triangle template, leftover fabric, yarn, glue, sequins, rubber letter stamps and ink. I also put a few stitches around the top of the flag just to make sure they held to the yarn, but they could totally be no-sew with just the glue. Also, I was going more for the process than permanence, so I know that the ink I used for the lettering is going to run if it gets wet. If you make some and intend to hang them outside, keep this in mind.

I hung my flags on my apple tree and I took some time outside to think and pray.

Adding to the irony of this whole letting go of infertility thing is that the tree is full of new life – apples, of course, but also I’m hosting 3 newly-hatched birds in the hanging box. This brings me back to mentioning my birthday gift from my friend Alli – a photo she took of some baby blue jays in a nest that she titled New Beginnings. A beautiful and fitting gift for all the things going on with me.

Here’s a photo of the adorably ugly little darlings in my bird box:



9 thoughts on “Making up with the universe

  1. Got your blog added to my google reader so I should be able to find you now. Sorry you’re going through a tough time but trying to move forward

  2. That’s so beautiful! I would never be able to line up letter stamps as well as you did!

    We also had some baby birds in a box in June! Unfortunately it was because some terrible people destroyed their nest, but they went on to fledge and it was beautiful! I never really was into birds before but the whole experience just made me realize how precious they are.

    ICLW #27

  3. I love these! I’m a huge fan of prayer flags … I don’t know why, but the Tibetan ones make me immediately more meditative. I think it’s fabulous that you made your own … AND that you hung them in your apple tree. Though for me the “making up with the universe” thing is usually a work in progress (because I’m always pissed at it for something or other), I admire your strength and resolve.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, too … I’m glad you did, so I could find yours! And I am SO jealous that you can sew.

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