Feeling doughy

(or In Which I Write “Shit” A Lot)

Um, so, while I would like to thank my current Anti-D for keeping me off the edge, I made an unsettling discovery today. In the 6 weeks since I switched to  it (this is the beginning of the 7th week), I’ve gained 5 pounds. Shit.

I knew this was a possibility, so I weighed myself when I started it, then promptly stopped thinking about it. Frankly, there were other things on my mind whilst getting going on this med. Obviously, or I wouldn’t need it. But I’ve noticed my pants are getting a little snug, and I don’t think I can blame it on shrinking in the dryer. And then, since my driver’s license is set to expire soon on my birthday, today I went to get it renewed, which means a new photo, and I noticed there seems to be more chin under my chin. Shit.

So I weighed myself today and found 5 pounds have creeped on. Shit.

I am not one to really pay much attention to my weight; but after all this fertility treatment shit I am back up past my threshold for not noticing. And now I have retained the pounds but can’t even blame the fertility meds for this gain. Shit.

In the interest of full disclosure during this whine, I am sure this bottled strawberry margarita I’m drinking right now isn’t helping. Shit.

I guess I need those Anti-Ds to keep doing their primary job so I can feel like getting motivated to exercise more. Shit.

Who’s got exercise/diet tips for a lazy person?



2 thoughts on “Feeling doughy

  1. Funny you should mention this… I’ve been battling the infertility bulge for the past 3 months. I’ve gone to the gym 5 days a week. I have lost NOTHING. Last week I had a freak out… I quit the gym for a week. I lost 4 pounds on the “See food diet”. As in I ate everything that I saw! So clearly, one could assume… THE GYM IS MAKING ME FAT!

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