I just realized that my blog subscription reader is now full of people with children. Newly pregnant, about to pop, midway in-between, just delivered, just adopted and just matched. Congratulations all around.

But, is there anyone else left who is trying to figure out what is next, or on an extended break, or out of money, out of time, out of options, or out of gas in their give-a-fuck truck?


7 thoughts on “Hmmm…

  1. Ever since I read this, this morning, Elton John’s song “I’m still standing” has been stuck in my head. I’m on the pill until my October FET (I just went on the pill last week). Soooo… I’ll be here a while… stuck in the in-between. Apparently everyone got pregnant last month except us.

  2. Me too! Waiting till October for ivf#2. There have been a lot of pregnancies lately in my Facebook group too. I love give a fuck truck..mine is still half full 🙂

    • I cannot take credit for give a fuck truck, I heard it from someone else, but I am doing my best to share it. 🙂

      Thanks for letting me know you’re still out there, and good luck with your coming IVF! 🙂

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