I’ve been thinking about working on the foster-to-adopt paperwork again. Note I said thinking. I haven’t actually picked the binder up off the floor yet, where it has lain for an embarrassingly long time after one of my cats knocked it off the side table. A high school friend of mine just had her final walk-through before being an “open” home, and it has got me thinking again. I know it is a lot to deal with, but surely I can accomplish one form at a time. I don’t have to do the whole packet in one sitting. But knowing we can’t do any classes until this is done might keep me at it if I can get started again.

Changing from one medicine to another seems to be helping my moods, and maybe I’ll start getting some things done. On the paperwork, but also around the house.

I bought a vintage Royal portable typewriter recently, and I’ve been tapping out poems. Loving it and my cleaned-up projects table. Since Good Kitty wants to be with me all the time, I set her up a chair with a cat bed on it right next to me. She loved it, but now Naughty Kitty has taken it over. This is hilarious because 1) I haven’t bought him a pet bed since he was about 1 because he never uses them and 2) it is too small for him and he squishes himself in it. We’ll see how long this lasts.

Taekwondo is going alright. I have been trying to work on my concentration more, and I still really need to work on In Wha One, our form this session. I have all my stripes to graduate, but I still feel sketchy and need to work on it more in the next 2 weeks. Next Friday is graduation, to purple belt for me. I got a terrific bruise on my knee in kickboxing class Thursday when I exhibited my grace and tripped while jumping over a weight bag. It has turned amazing colors and sizes. Fantastic.


5 thoughts on “Meanwhile

  1. Thinking of you as you do your paperwork… it must be a huge task and sending you love to get it done in the time that feels right for you xoxo

  2. I just found your blog through LFCA. I sent off my initial F-to-A form (the easy one, with your address and such) after a 3 month wait. I’m a little worried about the tons of paperwork (I hope to be) still coming my way.

    • It is a lot of paperwork, and I am still slacking on mine. I’m sure it differs in each state, but you can probably expect things such as a bunch of forms where you give your approval for them to do various background checks, you’ll probably have to be fingerprinted, and send off forms for several people to be references for you. There are forms about your upbringing, lifestyle, and relationship, if you are in one. I think some of the ones I haven’t done yet include getting a doctor to sign off that you are healthy enough, physically and mentally, to adopt; a request for a fire escape-plan drawing of your house floor plan (huh, I know, right), photocopies of your insurance coverage, pet vaccinations, all kinds of stuff like that.

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