W, X and Y

Got a little behind on my A to Z posts while I was traveling. I spent some good times with my family while I was off work for a few days.

W is for walking. Such a good, simple exercise. My gramma has walked 2 miles a day for years. I think she is healthier than any of us. I think it is nice to just walk around the neighborhood for a mile or so, enjoying the sights and sounds. There is a woodsey 2 mile walk around a lake here that I enjoy when I have a little more time.

X is for XOXO. Kisses and Hugs. I gave a bunch of these to my sweet little nephew this weekend!

Y is for yoga. I’m a living-room-with-a-DVD practitioner. I am no expert, and I don’t do yoga as often as I want to because I want to rush and get frustrated with perceived lack of progress. But I know it will always be waiting for me when I want to get back on the mat. And sometimes I am rewarded with a really good, really calm practice.


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