U is for undies

Yeah, that’s right, I mean underwear. Admit it, you feel good when you get a new (properly fitting) bra or panties. Unless maybe you’re a guy, and then this post isn’t really for you. (But it might be a useful reminder to buy something nice for your significant other or throw out a couple pairs of those holey boxers before your wife has a fit.)

Ladies, as if you need an excuse to go shopping, we’ve all heard what they say, whoever “they” are, that 75-85% of us are wearing the wrong size bra. Face it, our bodies change. We gain weight, we lose weight, we have children, we recover from having children but everything doesn’t go back to the way it was before. But maybe we don’t think about these things and keep buying the same size bra we’ve always worn, or we don’t buy new bras at all and instead are wearing some sad, stretched out garments with straps that are barely even staying on our shoulders.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get an upgrade; just find something that fits and is comfortable. Even something basic will make you feel so much better if the girls are getting their support, there’s no riding up, and nothing is getting pinched or poked! If you aren’t sure what size bra you need, ask for a fitting to get your measurements.

Go now. Get you some new undies. Maybe even a matching set! Whatever makes you feel good. This isn’t about your man. If he likes what you pick out, well, great. But you’re not shopping for him.You’re looking for that little something that makes you smile. And OK, maybe even wink at yourself in the mirror. 😉


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