S is for swimming

I am ready for Memorial Day weekend because that’s when my local outdoor pool will open for the season. I have loved swimming since I was a little girl taking lessons every summer. I still remember getting my card at the end of one session, showing that I promoted to the next level of classes, and there was a note from the instructor that read “her underwater backstroke is as good as my own.” 🙂

I also had a lot of fun at church camp when they had swimming races. I could swim the length of the pool underwater without coming up for a breath. Once I got a blue ribbon for it. 🙂

Anyway, I still love swimming. It is the one form of exercise I have consistently enjoyed my whole life. I am ready to lather up with sunscreen (I am not one of those bronze tan people; I got voted “egg-whitest” at camp too) and hit the pool for the summer. Just as soon as summer gets here. Hurry, summer! I’ve got laps to swim, strokes to practice, and some flips to do just for the heck of it.


One thought on “S is for swimming

  1. I love to swimm too…joined a master swim club last year and was surprised how much I had missed the pool…also did a 3k long distance fresh water swim last summer….www.bringonthebay.com
    meeting vis A to Z challenge

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