P is for pedicure

I just had my first pedicure of the year over the weekend. I don’t see much of a point of paying for a professional pedicure in the winter, but when flipflop and sandal season arrives I enjoy getting my feetsies all fixed up.

A warm foot soak with jets of water massaging your feet. A leg and foot massage. Maybe even some hot towel wraps. Calluses and dry skin removed, cuticles tamed, nails freshly painted. What is there not to love about a pedicure? (OK, maybe foot fungus or toe infection if you go to a skanky place, but let’s not talk of that.)

Not to mention all the fun choices of nail polish. Right now my toes are bright green. Just for the heck of it. 🙂 The color was called “What a Shock!” My sister went with me, and she picked out a bright purple named “Mrs. Robinson.” haha.

OK, who else likes getting their toes prettied?


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