I is for iris

I have quite a few irises in my garden this year. This is the first time they have bloomed since I transplanted them from my late Granny’s flower beds. It has been fun to see what sizes and colors will bloom because when I planted them I had no idea what they might look like.

A few of the irises in my garden:

The iris flower is said to have gotten its name from the Greek goddess of the same name who was the messenger to Olympus. It is also said to mean “rainbow.”

Are there any flowers or trees you’ve been enjoying watching bloom this spring?


3 thoughts on “I is for iris

  1. Lucky you to have irises that have bloomed so you can use them for the challenge! Haha. I don’t really do flowers, but I’m started a veggie garden for the first time this year. I’m a bit terrified, to be honest, but it should be a good experience.

  2. Coincidentally I passed a stand of purple iris a couple of hours ago while on a work trip. I thought then that they would have made a good post for the “i” post for the challenge. Yours are lovely.

  3. I spotted a stand of purple iris a couple of hours ago and thought that would have been a good topic for the “i” post. Yours are beautiful. Thanks for coming by my blog! Lynn from Good Things Happened

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