G is for guacamole

Creamy, cool and green. And tasty! It seems guacamole is one of those things with no middle ground: you either love it or hate it. I love it; my husband hates it. 🙂

I am by no means an expert, and, as mentioned in my deviled eggs post, I am a lazy cook. I’d rather be eating something than preparing it. 🙂 So, I keep it simple.

I cut a clean avocado in half and remove the seed. I scoop the fruit
from the skin and put it in a bowl. I mash with a fork a little bit
to break it up, then I add homemade or store-bought salsa and salt to
taste, and a squeeze of lemon juice. Then I incorporate all the
ingredients with the fork. If I want it chunky I don’t mash and stir
as much as if I want it smoother.

There are tons of things you can add to your guacamole: onion,
peppers, cilantro, chilies, corn or hot sauce, to name a very few. I
like to eat it with tortilla chips or in burritos, but you can use it
as a dip for veggies, topping for crackers, whatever you want.

It’s important to choose a ripe avocado, one that when squeezed yields to firm but gentle pressure. If it feels firmer than that, it will need another day or two to ripen; a mushy feel means it is overripe. (Lots more information on selecting avocados is available here.)

Are you a guacamole lover or a hater? What ingredients do you like?

P.S. Since it is “G” Day – If you want to read a blog by someone who actually likes to cook, haha, go visit my foodie friend G over at Fruitful. 🙂 That’s right, you got 2 Gs for the price of one today, LOL.


3 thoughts on “G is for guacamole

  1. Once upon a time I’d have said I was in the hate guacamole(and avocados) camp, but I think my tastes may have changed as an adult. I recently found out the inner bit in the sushi rolls I love so much is avocado… so I’ve been eying them and tempted to give avocados another go.

    I may have to try your recipe!

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