C is for cards

I had several C words I was mulling for this entry, but I decided on cards after I found a nice one from a friend left on my desk at work Sunday.

There is nothing like the ease of email and text messages to shoot a quick note to friends or to conduct business. Social networking sites have no doubt reconnected me with old friends and classmates I might never have heard from again. I wouldn’t change that technology if I could, but it does make a handwritten and mailed card or letter that much sweeter.

I don’t have the storage to save every card I get, but I do save a selection of them to remind me of times in my life, especially when they are inscribed with a personal note. There are a few exceptions to my card-saving rule: I have nearly every card and letter my husband has given me. I started saving them in a shallow wooden box when we were dating, and now the box is full and I admit that while I still have the more recent cards, they are unorganized and in various places. But they still make me smile when I read through them, reminding me of our good times (and a few hard times). Old notecards from my favorite aunt are the other exception. She used to write me several times a month in my youth, and they are a slice of life.

What makes a good card, whether it is of a fancy design or plain, silly or serious, is the personal note inside telling how you feel about the person.

Is there someone you need to share the card love with? Go jot a note and make them feel good today.


2 thoughts on “C is for cards

  1. I have a daughter in law who makes the cutest cards! I love it when she gives me a pack of them as a gift.

    Nice to meet you, and welcome to the Challenge!

    A to Z Challenge Host

  2. I love getting cards, but never know what to do with them. After years of being a pack rat, I finally became a “tosser”. My hubby is unfortunately a keeper…he keeps trying to drag me back!! “Oh you can’t give that away….someone picked it out for you.” Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
    Good luck with the Challenge.

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