B is for Bones

I am a junkie for crime and forensics shows. I have followed several of these franchises for many years, but it was only a few years ago that I started watching Bones. If I hadn’t been staying at a friend’s house on vacation watching shows off her DVR, I might never have discovered it. I watched that first episode near the end of the season, and I spent that summer recording every rerun I could find until I had practically seen every episode by the return of the show in the fall. OK, I know that sounds dorky and obsessive, but I just enjoyed it so much!

The thing that is so refreshing about Bones is that in addition to the forensics it is FUNNY! The main character’s high intelligence and social awkwardness make for hilarious interactions with the rest of the Jeffersonian crew. And like any good show, there’s romance, tension, heartbreak. And of course someone gets murdered.

This season has been on an extended break while Emily Deschanel took maternity leave. Today is the perfect day for the letter B because Bones returns tonight on Fox (in the U.S., sorry I don’t know about anywhere else) for the spring premiere.


6 thoughts on “B is for Bones

  1. My American friend got me into Bones. I don’t watch it that often, but I really like the lead female character in it, the one who is almost autistic in nature and so straight forward and practical. She reminds me of me!
    Good luck with the challenge!
    Fellow A-Zer :0)

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