Where’s the joy?

This just hasn’t been my week mood-wise. Was down some Monday, but I thought surely taekwondo Tuesday would be fun. And it was for a little bit but then I got ax kicked in the head and I was kindof over it after that. I have protective gear, I wasn’t hurt or anything. It was weird, I just felt deflated. Then I thought, oh well, I’ll feel better Wednesday when I work at the soup kitchen. And it was fine at first, again, but then we got really busy and it was hectic for awhile, which is fine. Then a woman who came in later to help kept throwing out all these ideas to make things more efficient, and assigned tables to wait, which would be fine if she’d told the other lady working what her tables were. It is totally stupid, I know, but much aggravation ensued from it. So basically it wasn’t really as uplifting as it usually is, and I only blame myself for my reactions, but the reactions don’t seem voluntary. Just in one of those funks where all the joy gets sucked out of things. Oh yes, and then I discovered the latest Face.book pregnancy announcement. It’s a girl and she’s taken my name. Not MY name, but my NAME. The name for the kid I don’t have. Sigh.


4 thoughts on “Where’s the joy?

  1. Ugh. That name thing. That sucks. A family member did that with the girl name we had picked up. And they KNEW we had chosen it. I was pretty upset. Maybe still am, lol. I hope this week is better for you!

  2. We all have days like this… IF has a way of sucking the joy out sometimes. 😦 I hope you get your joy back soon! (Have you heard the song Joy by Lucinda Williams? It reminds me of this. The chorus goes, “You took my joy… I want it back!” I hope tomorrow is much much better!

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