Confusing shiz

Even though I’m on a break, I did a few OPK tests last week just to keep up with ovulation since my cycle was longer this last time. These last couple of cycles have been the only ones in quite awhile that were not medicated at all, not even Metformin. I quit everything after our last IUI and my surgery while we were awaiting Specialist Guy’s appointment. So, no meds means back to unpredictable cycles.

Anyway, I forget what cycle days they were on, but I did one OPK 3 days in a row. The first one showed a light second line, the second one a darker line but not nearly as dark as the reference line, and then the third day the line was lighter than the first day, barely visible. So, WTF? Was it the tests or did I not actually ovulate this month? I didn’t buy anymore tests and 3 was all I had on hand, so I have no idea if I get to blame the dollar store OPKs or my PCOS for this. Blah.


4 thoughts on “Confusing shiz

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am thinking of doing the A-Z challenge too. I cant think of what to write about though,lol. Sorry OPKs are being such a pain. I have heard that ladies with PCOS dont have much luck with OPKs though. Something about there always being a higher LH in the system or something?

  2. Hi from ICLW! I dont know much about PCOS but I have peed on my share of cheap and not so cheap OPK sticks. I, too, have gotten confusing results almost every time in the form of two lines of frustratingly similar (but maybe not similar enough?) shades! My only advice is to spring for the smily face ones next time (my only clear positive was with that brand… But it was also our only medicated cycle-clomid). Sorry… I know it’s so frustrating! I hope you see your two lines soon!!!!!

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