Weekend little happy things

It has finally quit raining here! Honey Bear and I were able to spend some time together yesterday, going out to dinner, then perusing the art museum and walking on a few trails on the grounds. Even though it was overcast and chilly, it was still great to be able to get outside. And at least all that rain left me lots of things blooming to take photos of. 🙂 After we got tired out from roaming, we got french fries and ice cream cones for a snack, then went home to watch some basketball and recorded shows on TV. It was a good day.

Today the sky is blue with only a few lazy white clouds. Lady Cardinal has been gathering up twigs and tufts. Mr. Cardinal has been sitting regally in the neighbor’s tree and also nibbling from under my apple tree. My apple tree has exploded with green leaves and a few little pink buds. Brown Bunny came to visit and is now hiding out under my deck. My red and white azaleas are blooming slower than the pink, but any day now they should be popping with color, too.

I started my Saturday off by sleeping in, then having a bowl of cereal and coffee and catching up with online stuff. A few hours ago I got a massage. It was great, and I was like, why has it been a month and a half since my last one?!

I have been slowing coming out of my “massage coma” out here on my deck, world-watching. I have checked on my plants and fed the birds. It is warm enough for short-sleeves and capris. I picked a few azalea blooms for my outdoor table. Brown Bunny let me take his photo. Except for a few bouts of intense barking from the annoying neighbor dogs, it has been just about perfect out here. I’m trying to ignore them and concentrate on all the beautiful birdsongs instead.


I have enjoyed writing about my little happy things lately, and so as a gratitude journal of sorts I’m going to start posting at least weekly a LHT (little happy things) update. There are always things to be thankful for, no matter how small, and writing them down helps break the tunnel vision.

What are your little happy things?



4 thoughts on “Weekend little happy things

  1. Ah, your weather sounds lovely. It’s drizzly and grey where I’m at but not too bad for a lazy weekend. A few of my little happy things: cuddling with the dog, massage, bourbon on the rocks 🙂

  2. Drinking pinot noir. My feather pillow (secret: when a feather pops out the end and i get to scratch it across all four of my fingers, a lot, and sometimes my leg) (since i was a kid)), the smell of my feather pillow (when i was losing my shit when my dad shot himself sometimes it was the only thing to bring me back to ‘normal’), true hugs, real looks, a good book, fresh cut grass, FOOD (i’ll save you the description of this one), honest conversations, MUSIC (again, i’ll save you the description), Cooking said food, getting on the river and getting that rush of adrenaline right before you hit a rapid, camping, working at a job i’m proud of, as opposed to one that’s based on dishonesty, LION, Kitty Mao, who make me laugh on a daily basis, thrift stores, more to come…

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