Little things that make me happy

  • Good Kitty ate nearly a can of wet food yesterday. This is major progress since I have had her home from the vet. I have figured out that she likes it really watery, even to the point that I re-wet what she leaves on the plate and offer it to her again and she will continue eating. I’m not sure if the oceanfish and tuna classic did the trick or if the Azo.dyl she is taking is helping her. Either way, happy day.
  • I caught Naughty Kitty sleeping next to Good Kitty when I woke up in the middle of the night. He hasn’t been interacting much with her since she’s been sick so this was a nice thing to see.
  • Digging out weeds is hard work, but I find it really enjoyable. I cleaned up a flower bed yesterday and planted a few tulip bulbs. Lots of robins bounding around the yard while I was out working. Yay for Spring!
  • Seeing green start to come up out of the earth from bulbs I transplanted last year from my Granny’s and Dad’s gardens. “Heirloom” plants are even more pleasing to me to see growing than others.
  • It’s warm enough to take walks and soak up that vitamin D!
  • Taekwondo and kickboxing continue to kick ass. Kickboxing is exhausting, but it is really rewarding to push myself like that.
  • Getting to go home last week and see my family, especially my sister and nephew. My Neffie is cute and wonderful and everything he does amazes me. When he laughs and smiles it is the best thing ever.
  • Coffee.
  • Coffee mugs. I have a few fun and/or inspiring coffee mugs that make me smile when I am still bleary-eyed from getting out of bed.

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