Cat food stinks

So, I’m pretty much on cat food patrol while I am at home. Trying to figure out who has eaten what, and following Good Kitty around offering little plates of wet food. Her appetite has come and gone, and she’s gotten to refusing the special renal diets. So, I’m pretty much giving her anything she will eat. Stuff she never got much before, like Fe.ast and Me.ow Mix. I’m zapping the wet food for a few seconds in the microwave to make it smellier and adding water to give her more fluids. She gets some diaza.pam to stimulate her appetite when it goes south.

There are plates with dried up cat food in several rooms. I can’t wash them fast enough, with my several-times-a-day offerings. I’m leaving little pieces of dry food next to the multiple water bowls I have spread around the house now. Anything to tempt her.

It is an odd struggle because she’s giving me mixed signals. Her lab numbers are bad. The way she smells indicates she has toxins building up as a result of her kidney disease, her poor appetite and sneaking off to rest alone are worrisome signs. However, she’s drinking well, and she is still doing the little things she has always loved to do: sleep with me, watch TV with us, scratch on her post, look outside the back window, come when I call her with that look of alertness on her face.

I’ve already decided I am not going to force-feed her or give her sub-Q fluids at home. I wouldn’t want those things done for me to prolong the inevitable. But as long as she acts like she’s not giving up, I am going to follow her around, talking her into eating little bits at a time, and love on her as much as I can.

Which leads to the awesome morning I started a bit ago, while making my coffee I set about fixing Good Kitty up some wet food. It was from a package with a foil lid and I just knew when I broke the seal that juices were going to spray at me. So I was trying to hold it away from me, and when it opened not only did it spray me with stinky juice, but the package popped out of my hand and the cube of food plopped to the floor, splashing on my legs. Ahhh, yes, good morning! Sigh. At least Naughty Kitty was helpful in eating it right off the floor. I imagine he saw it as manna falling from heaven because he has been begging for Good Kitty’s food for days now. 🙂


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