Just a little miscellaneous update

I didn’t get Good Kitty back from the vet until yesterday. Her numbers actually got worse Friday so she stayed over the weekend. Despite the treatments, her lab numbers continue to suck, but since she is eating well and acting OK we have brought her home. Naughty Kitty isn’t sure what is going on. I think he’d decided he was an only child last week. He’s hissed at her, and we’re keeping them separate when we aren’t with them just because Good Kitty smells unfamiliar since she’s been at the vet for a week. They just need some readjustment time.

Good Kitty isn’t much interested in her dry food, or much of her water, but the wet food is a hit, and I am adding extra water to it for extra fluids. She seems to like it soupy. She even ate good this morning when I put medicine in her food. Last night she wandered laps around the house, like she was trying to refamiliarize herself with the place. She’s toddling around sort of weakly, perhaps from her illness and perhaps from not using her muscles much for a week. We spent some quality time resting on the couch together last night, and then she passed out on my shoulder for a couple of hours till Honey Bear came to bed and I asked him to move her to her kitty bed in the bathroom (her temporary alone-time space).

I’m not sure whether to expect much improvement, so we are just trying to make the best of whatever time we have left. Hopefully a lot, but it is hard to tell. Today is my first vacation day of the week. I was going to head back to my hometown to see my family, but I’ve postponed the trip for a day. Good Kitty isn’t doing as well as I would like before I leave for a few days. So I’m going to spend the day at home with her and Naughty Kitty. See if I can get them reacquainted better, get her to eat and drink well, and see what she feels up to doing. Right now she’s helping me write this by supervising from my lap. 🙂

I honestly haven’t thought too much about the baby stuff this week. A couple of times I have thought about the foster-to-adopt paperwork that I haven’t tackled, and I’ve felt a little guilty about it, then I’ve ignored it again. And last night I got a little shock when someone I already knew to be pregnant announced it officially on Facebook with a photo. It just sort of surprised me even though it wasn’t a surprise. I still have a $386 anesthesia bill sitting here from my surgery that I need to pay. I am glad that we didn’t have to pay for the Specialist Guy tests last week, because Good Kitty’s vet bill is taking a big portion of my paycheck that I am getting on Friday. Yay for postdating checks. So yeah, I need to sort of figure out the baby plan, but right now it is nice to take a little break.

Taekwondo continues to kick ass. I’ve gotten to spar in the last couple of weeks because I have all my protective gear now. It is pretty awesome and surprisingly quite a workout. I also attended a kickboxing class last week. I thought I might die from all the cardio, but I made it through and it rocked.


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