Annnnnd the verdict is…

I canceled all the appointments with Specialist Guy. Honey Bear and I talked it over, and we decided it was just too much at the moment. There were several factors to our decision, most that I have touched on here or in my guest post on Sunny’s blog. The major factors were money (I am still paying bills from my January surgery and we did not know how much the tests were going to cost, and if that would leave any left for the recommended treatment), time (2 weeks felt really rushed to accomplish all the ordered tests and have the followup), and personal (my wariness of being continually experimented on, among other things).

I left it opened-ended when I made the cancellations. I said something had come up and that I would need to reschedule but just not immediately. It wasn’t really a lie. We might decide to go back later. And something did come up (aside from all the aforementioned thoughts in my head): my kitty needed a trip to the vet, and I needed some money free to spend on that.

My Good Kitty has been living with chronic renal failure since 2009. Mostly it is managed with a special diet. But lately it has seemed to progress, as it must do eventually, and she has been throwing up more, among other little changes in her that I’ve noticed. I figured updated lab work was in order. And yes, her results have gotten worse. Our vet was concerned and surprised at how bad some of her numbers have gotten. Since Good Kitty still seems to be enjoying life, jumping around and playing at times, and loving being with her people, we don’t want to have to put her down yet. So she has been staying at the vet clinic since Tuesday night, getting medicine and IV fluids in an effort to get the important bloodwork numbers back in line, with the hopes that if gotten under control there that she will continue to do well once back home with the addition of medication.

Good Kitty is getting her blood tests done again today, and I am hoping to find out the results soon. I really want her back home. It has been so weird not having her in the house. She’s taken to following me around a lot. Into the bathroom, into the kitchen. She sits on the futon with me when we watch TV, and when it’s time for bed she follows me, asking to be let under the covers. I look, expecting her to be in all the places she usually is, and it surprises me each time when she isn’t there. I am ready to have my little shadow back.


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