Almost somewhere?

Ugh, I’ve been down with some serious allergy/sinus funk this week. First my head got stuffed up to near-explosion; now, I’m slaying tissues left and right with all the drainage. It is super pleasant. I’ve thought several times about blogging, but my watery eyes got the best of me. I literally slept all day yesterday. And by that I mean 9 p.m. I know, right?

Anyway, enough with that whine. 🙂 Let’s see, what else has been happening in my glittery world…

Monday I had my surgery follow-up with Dr. S. He showed me pictures of my pretty pink insides, and all appears to be squeaky clean in there. Ovaries, uterus, whatever-the-heck-else those pictures showed, it all looked good. Dr. S noted only one weird thing with my surgery: When he put dye through my fallopian tubes, they swelled up for awhile before eventually spilling the liquid out. So, while not totally blocked, they were slow-performing, but he said the ends, what he could see from the outside, looked good.

Dr. S seemed to be at a bit of a loss as to what to do next. He said he didn’t want us to waste more money, but that if we wanted to do more IUIs he would do them. But he mentioned again that statistically speaking the outlook wasn’t good. Perhaps with additional monitoring and stuff a specialist could provide then IUIs could have a chance. So, I decided we’ll go see Specialist Guy, for another opinion. See him, decide what to do from there.

I don’t know what to expect from our specialist appointment. Actually, I was told one thing to expect: To show up with about $400 for our initial consultations since our insurance ain’t gonna pay.

I was glad that when called I was able to get an appointment later this month. I was afraid we’d have to wait a long time to get in as a new patient. I’ve got a bunch of forms to fill out online for them to get our charts ready ahead of time, but I haven’t looked to see what all it entails yet. (When I got the phone call from them, and later the email, I was mid-sinus explosion.)

Monday I also got an email from our foster-to-adopt contact. She sent some paperwork, that I received Wednesday, and a list of some things she needs us to photocopy (proof of insurances, pet vaccinations, stuff like that). So, again, when I get my head unstuffed, I’ll tackle more forms. It is frustrating, some of this paperwork and how slow this process is, but I was heartened a little when she ended her email with “We are almost there.”

In a broader sense, I don’t feel almost anywhere. I feel like I’m standing at one of those signposts with arrows pointing in every direction, with all the destinations miles away. However, I do feel like at least those signs are becoming more clear, the options we have, the directions we can go. Arriving at one of them is still far away, but I have some clarity. I am determined to get somewhere in 2012. This crap, this uncertainty has gone on too long.


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