Let’s see… I’ve been sleeping late. I haven’t set an alarm since the morning of my surgery. Today I must have been sleeping hard because I woke up thinking I had slept well and would go ahead and get up early. I was surprised to see the bathroom clock reading 2:30 pm haha. I thought it was 10 or 11 am.

A couple of milestones: I haven’t taken any pain meds since night before last. Yesterday I stayed up all day without a nap. Today I drove for the first time since Wednesday.

I’m currently posting from Starbucks where I’m getting caffeinated after eating at Red Robin and watching the end of the Ravens-Patriots game. I was already about half tired after showering and loading the dishwasher, so I forsee a lot of couch-surfing tonight.

Yesterday I showered and started a load of laundry (I was out of clean stretchie pants, very critical clothing right now) and was wiped out. I watched Toy St.ory 3 and a lot of NC.IS reruns.

So, still low-energy. My belly button incision has bothered me the most. Sore, thus the importance of stretchie pants.

The results of my surgery, by the way, are that all appears to be well. This is good news. And yet, it isn’t. Yeah, I’m glad nothing seems to be wrong with me. But then, what IS wrong?


2 thoughts on “Couch-surfing

  1. Wow! So similar…also recovering from lap, hysteroscopy, D&C. They found endo though. Bad to have it. Good to know. It sucks either way. With ya on the stretchy pants…my belly button looks infected. Glad to connect with you!!!

    • Thanks for commenting! Sorry to hear you have endo, but glad you know now and I hope they’ll be able to do some treatment. My belly button has bothered me most of all, but I can’t really even see the incision in there. Looking forward to checking out your blog.

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