Post-op blur

The last couple of days have been a bit of a blur. Mostly I have slept. Wednesday was really confusing. Coming down off the surgery drugs took awhile. I remember graham crackers being hard to chew and cranberry juice being really tart and worthless for washing down the crackers that felt like peanut butter gumming up my mouth. I remember asking the nurse to turn off Fo.x for goodness sakes. (Apparently when Honey Bear came back to see me I informed him of the TV situation and asked him how I was supposed to recover with that on, LOL.) I’m pretty sure I asked Honey Bear and the nurses the same things repeatedly. Before I could leave, they had to make sure I could pee. And I remember being surprised to notice I was bleeding. (just part of the D&C but I was too drugged to really figure this out.) The nurse brought me some net underwear and a phone book pad. Lovely.

At home I slept for awhile but it was that weird awake-sleep where your mind is just wandering. I kept wondering about Tzi.pi of Isr.ael. It was really bothersome to me that I couldn’t remember why she didn’t get to be prime minister. Weird, right? Also I had a lot of Mary Carpe.nter songs on repeat in my brain.

Honey Bear had gone to get my medicine and grocery requests, and I was really confused to be alone and Bad Cat was scratching on the door because he couldn’t get in my room. Random brief crying, then bread and applesauce and And my pee was blue. Very confusing. That was pretty much Wednesday: drugs and sleep.

Thursday I was hurting more at my incisions, and slept a lot. I took a brief shower and that pretty much wiped me out energy-wise. That night I ate some veggies and that was my first real meal since Tuesday night. I managed to stay awake to watch a couple TV shows with Honey Bear, then crashed out.

Today I took a longer shower, and Honey Bear drove me to the post office, to get a bagel and coffee and buy a magazine. Then a 3 hour nap ensued to recover from that outing. I haven’t done too badly on the pain today, but I can tell it’s going to take awhile to get my energy back to normal.

I have appreciated all the calls and texts from friends. My apologies for not phoning back, but I’ve mostly been asleep.

Sorry for all the dots, but I’m hoping to keep away irrelevant search engines.


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