Wallet surgery

My pre-op appointments, Thursday with Dr. S and Monday at the hospital, were what Honey Bear calls “surgery on the wallet.” Yeah, we went over my procedures, but the appointments were basically a chance to make sure they get some of my money before the surgery and made arrangements to get the rest of the money as soon as they can. Thursday I basically dropped a couple hundred bucks, then met with Dr. S. I learned that he is actually doing 4 things: laproscopy, hysteroscopy, a D&C and some other tubes-related thing. Monday I dropped a few more hundred dollars, then they made me sign my name and initials a zillion times and give them my blood and pee for some tests. I got a spiral-bound booklet about what to expect/do after surgery and a list of instructions for the day of surgery including a map of how to get to the room I’m supposed to go to. Happily, I do not have to do the dreaded bowel prep. Thank goodness. Just no food, drink, gum, mints, nothing after midnight.

On Saturday I gave myself my own version of pre-op: Taekwondo class, 1 hour massage, grande cup of Starbucks’ new Blonde Roast coffee, lunch with Honey Bear, a haircut (trim), a trip to the Clinique counter for face goodies and sampling at the perfume counter, shopping at Target, take-and-bake pizza and TV at home on the couch with my cats.


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