Popcorn, coffee, taekwondo

Oh my gosh, Honey Bear has the best doctor’s office ever. Yesterday, one of my tires got a huge nail in it. Thanks to a work friend we borrowed an air pump and were able to get home on it. We used the pump to re-air it this morning to drop it off at a tire place. Down a car for a little while, Honey Bear had to take me to taekwondo class and pick me up, and since he had an appointment right after I get to hang out in the waiting room for an hour or so. Boy, did I luck out. Of all the places I could have got stuck waiting, I got a place that has free hot coffee, tea, candy and a freakin’ popcorn machine! They even have little paper sacks that say “Delicious! Fresh! Popcorn!” 🙂 Best medical office ever.

I’m kinda jealous, actually! All my doctors’ offices usually have is a water fountain.

I’m glad we were able to swing taekwondo today. I really wanted to go because it was my last class till after I recover from my surgery. I hope it will only be a week or so. I went 3 times last week so I could get as many classes in as possible in case it takes me longer than anticipated to be able to exercise. I still want to be able to graduate to the next belt on time. I got my 2nd stripe on Saturday, so I am in good shape with attendance. I need to watch my form DVD while I am out to keep it fresh.

Speaking of taekwondo, I have had a few folks express dismay or ask me why I would take martial arts while trying to get pregnant. While I appreciate the concern, I just don’t see it as that risky – at this point I’m still in no contact or little contact sparring. Except in the case of some random accident, I think most of the risk is from myself doing a move wrong and hurting myself, which I think could happen with most types of exercise. If I was to get pregnant, I certainly wouldn’t get close enough to let anyone hit or kick me, and I would have to probably quit for awhile in an advanced state of pregnancy.

However, I ain’t pregnant. Nor have I ever been (at least not long enough to have shown up on a test). Taekwondo is pretty much what I do to forget about that. To keep from going kooky. To give me a place 3 times a week where when I walk in I clear my mind. Put down that heavy bag of infertility bullshit and concentrate on something else. Something that makes my body feel good. And my mind.

Some people go to therapy (and I’ve done that too, just not for this specific thing). Some people run. I kick ass.


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