Thank you, Universe

I’d like to give a big shout out to the Universe this week for gracing my world with the following:

  • The billboard along the interstate advertising with a digital counter “40001 Bundles of Joy” delivered at a local hospital
  • The creepy Fetus Week-by-Week update that appeared on my newsfeed announcing a friend’s pregnancy. Also a nice touch was learning in the comments of this post that a different friend is pregnant too, with baby #3.
  • The email from a national chain store with the subject line “Hurry & shop your favorite baby collections before they go.‏”

Honorable mentions go to losing my balance and falling on my ass in taekwondo class while doing absolutely nothing, resulting in a pain in my lower back. And to the pain in my upper back now that I’ve somehow tweaked the place that I blew out while sneezing a couple months ago.



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