Up next – surgery

Yesterday I met with Dr. S to check in and re-evaluate. He suggested that we could do more IUIs with Femara instead of Clomid. However, he threw out the factoid that 85% of people who are going to get pregnant with an IUI do so within 4 IUIs. I don’t know how they come up with these facts, but there ya go. (I’ve had 4.)

I told him about getting a second OB/GYN opinion, and that that doctor agreed with what we’d done so far. Dr. S said he feels we’ve proceeded pretty agressively, and agreed with Dr. R that a consultation with Specialist Guy would be a good idea. He said an initial consultation would cost a few hundred bucks and might clarify some things.

We discussed that IVF is not an option for us and that Specialist Guy would have to offer an alternative if we were to continue. Dr. S said he understood but also mentioned that the cost of IVF is small compared to the overall cost of raising a child. I agreed, but for us to go through the hardship of coming up with that amount of money, especially during this crappy time in the newspaper business and the economy in general, we’d need a 100% guarantee, and of course that isn’t possible.

Before going forward with any more IUIs or seeing Specialist Guy, Dr. S is going to do a laproscopy and hysteroscopy. This will be a surgery, and if anything abnormal is found he will be able to remove it. The hysteroscopy will check out my uterus for any scarring or abnormalities in the lining that might prevent implantation. The laproscopy will require an incision in my belly and a scope will check out the outside of the tubes and ovaries, looking to see if there is any reason an egg would not make it from the ovary to the tube, etc. He’ll be looking for any explainations for irregular cycles or ovary issues, potentially clarifying diagnoses.

This should shed some light on any potential problems or rule them out before we do any more procedures. Dr. S said I’ll be sore and the incision will have to heal, so I will be out of work and exercise for a week to 10 days. I’m guessing all this poking around will definately leave me sore.

I have 2 pre-op appointments, one this Thursday with Dr. S and one next Monday at the hospital. I’m sure I will learn more to share with you then. Surgery is next Wednesday.

I got a call this morning that my insurance will pay 80%. That’s a big help. They don’t pay for fertility treatment, but I have a diagnosis of irregular periods and possible PCOS, and those are considered “real” medical problems.


6 thoughts on “Up next – surgery

  1. I had the laproscopy and hysteroscopy too. The recovery is not bad at all. You’ll be up and running at normal speed in about 2 or 3 days. The worst part about mine was when I was barely waking up from the anesthesia, and the doctor said she didn’t find anything. I immediately bust out bawling quite loudly that I just wanted something to fix. An embarrassing low point, for sure. … Here’s hoping this will give you some kind of answers/path forward.

  2. I JUST had a laproscopy and hysteroscopy done a week and a half ago. The recovery was really easy and gives you an excused to be lazy for a few days. If you want to read about my procedure on my blog the post “More Answers” talks about finding out I needed the procedure and “All Clear” I talk about the procedure. I hope and pray your procedure goes as smoothly as mine did!

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