Welcome, 2012


I had a couple of ideas for naming this post. The first one was No Bueno. The second one was F*CK ALL THIS SH*T. I decided on a somewhat more positive approach. Goodbye, 2011. And good riddance. Yes, there were good moments. Yes, I learned a lot from my experiences. But you will not be among my list of Banner Years, dear 2011. I do not mourn your end. It’s time to refocus and re-evaluate.

There is no Christmas IUI miracle baby. I suspected this Wednesday, when I took a HPT a day early. I technically knew this Friday when I got my second negative. I actually knew this Sunday when I woke up cramping and started my period in the afternoon. Day 1 of 2012 is also Day 1 of this cycle. Happy New Year’s, right?

I have no procedures planned for this cycle. Last week, after my first negative, I set up an appointment with Dr. S for next Monday, the 9th. I think it is time to meet with him and discuss our options. We haven’t really discussed anything since we planned my first IUI this summer. Usually I only see him briefly after an ultrasound to confirm the next IUI or the day of the IUI when he walks in with the syringe. When I call to report a failed IUI, I leave a message for the nurse who phones me back to give me details of the next one.

So, after 5 inseminations (1 ICI and 4 IUIs), all on Clomid, I think it is time to regroup. See if Dr. S has other options or not, then use this information to decide if I’ll go see the Specialist Guy. I just can’t see doing the same thing over and over again. Of course, the dilemma there is Specialist Guy has to be able to offer something other than in-vitro for us to be able to afford it.

Here’s to a less sucktacular 2012. (I’m virtually toasting you with my Bud Light right now.)


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