No. 4

We were running a little late, then our doctor had to go deliver a baby, and the goods had to hang out in the incubator awhile after they took us back to the room, but our IUI seemed to go well when we finally got it done about 10:30 this morning. I tried to take it all in stride and assume that everything was happening at the time and in the way it was supposed to happen.

Honey Bear and I were super sleepy from being up so early, so a rather lazy day, including a 4 hour nap for me, ensued.

Yesterday and today I felt bloated and I could really feel some action around my left ovary. Dr. S seemed pleased with this, stating that cramps and a bloated feeling were a good thing in this process. Hopefully this means I’m ovulating with good timing for the insemination.

The IUI itself was uneventful, but I was super crampy afterwards. Probably on par with what I felt for IUI No. 1; I was only mildly crampy the last couple of times. It was pretty bad for about 15 minutes, then was just mostly at an annoying level for a few hours after. Left-sided aching continued for most of the day. Feeling positive.


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