“This ain’t your first rodeo”

That’s what the nurse said to me after she stopped in mid-explanation as I signed the consent for an ultrasound today, realizing I’ve heard the spiel many times before.

But, good news to report:
Good-looking uterine lining. Check.
Mature follicles. Check.
OK to move ahead with IUI # 4. Check.

I had a few smaller follicles on the right ovary, but the left one was the winner with 3 good-sized follicles (the black circles below). One was 2.7 x 1.8, which seems pretty awesome. (Compare with 1.9 last cycle.)

Admire my lovely left ovary:


Gave myself the HCG shot with the giant needle tonight at 9 in the work bathroom. Again, not my first rodeo.

IUI is set for around 9ish Thursday morning. We have to arrive at 8 for the sperm washing. Keep remembering us in your prayers and keep your fingers crossed, please! Hoping for a Christmas miracle to counteract all the 2011 suckiness.

In adoption news, I found out today that our FBI background checks were rejected, likely because of fingerprint smudges, so they are submitting the second fingerprint cards we had done same day as the first set. Ugh, this is sooo slow! However, hopefully we are getting close to being able to do the training classes. A child maltreatment registry check is still outstanding. I feel like it’s been a thousand years since I went to the informational meeting, but really it was only August.


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