what’s up

Sorry for the delay in updating. For those hoping this was because of good news,  that’s not the case. I was just heading out of town for the weekend when my period started. I’d already had a couple of negative tests so I was just waiting on the inevitable and also thinking about what to do next. In my rush to get packed and get on the road Thursday, I had to multitask. So I was phoning the nurse and scheduling an ultrasound and coordinating refills so I could pick up my Clomid from an out-of-town pharmacy all whilst stuffing socks and pjs into my overnight bag.

So, from that last sentence you might have gleaned that I am doing another IUI. Correct. Number 4. I was debating with myself in recent weeks about whether to do one this month, and it really depended on many factors working out, such as when my period started, when Honey Bear and I are out of town, when the doctor’s office might be closed for the holidays, etc. But starting on the 1st, as annoying as it was at the time, worked out as well as I could have hoped. It puts my mid-cycle time right in the middle of a week when we are not going out of town! So, I figured what the heck, here we go again. One last try for 2011.

Mark your calendars for the 13th, which is when I will have my follicle-check ultrasound and will find out what day we will be able to do the IUI. Likely the 15th, assuming good-sized follicles.

Obviously thinking positive outcome, but assuming that is not the case, this might be my last IUI. I haven’t decided for-sure for sure, but that thought has been coming to me quite often lately. At least my last one with this med protocol. Perhaps if Dr. S has any different meds he wants to try I will be open to considering it, same with Specialist Guy, if I go see him, which I haven’t decided yet either. But I can’t see continuing to do this same thing (100 mg Clomid on Days 3-7, HCG shot, IUI, Prometrium) much more.


Honey Bear and I have been busy watching high school football games and visiting with family the last couple of weekends. I’ve been feeling crafty and making felt Christmas ornaments. I’ve made owls, a penguin and a heart so far.  The owl pattern I got from a tutorial on a blog called Juicy Bits. It’s been pretty fun to make things, especially for Christmas. Honey Bear and I got our tree up Sunday night, and our cats have enjoyed laying under it and getting into ornament mischief.


I am doing the Prayer to Blessed Teresa of Calcutta (Mother Teresa) as a novena. If you want, join me in prayer in any way you practice.


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