Second opinion

My appointment Wednesday with another OB/GYN was both positive and a reality check. First off, I really liked the doctor himself. Dr. R was very friendly but direct. We basically discussed my medical history and previous attempts to get pregnant, and he reviewed my chart that I asked Dr. S’s office to send over.

The positive part is that Dr. R agreed with what I have tried so far and with the tests, procedures and meds prescribed by Dr. S. So, it felt good to hear that and feel like we’ve been doing what we should.

The reality check part is that Dr. R said he doesn’t have any secret weapon or magic beans, so to speak, and if it was him, he would save our money on any more IUIs and get an appointment with a fertility clinic about 2 hours away from here. He feels like we’ve done about all that can be done through a “generalist” like himself and Dr. S. Yes, they do basic fertility procedures, but not every day. Their daily practice is mostly Pap smears, prenatal checkups and birthing babies. So he feels it would be better to get an opinion from someone who specializes in fertility.

So, while good to know we have tried what we should try, it is a lot to think about to consider whether to see the specialist, continue as we have been for a few more cycles, or quit. I can also ask Dr. S if he has any other things or meds he would suggest trying.

Specialist Guy does in vitro, which we cannot afford. But he might also be able to try something before that. Dr. R felt like even if we know we aren’t doing in vitro, it would be worth it to have a counsultation with Specialist Guy just to get his opinion and see if there is anything else he can try or if additional testing might be needed.

So, there’s the update. And of course, we are in the middle of the 2 Week Wait from IUI #3, so perhaps we’ll be pregnant and not worry about any of this. 🙂


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