Adoption update

Catching you up on the adoption front won’t take long. It is soooo slow. Last week checked in by email and heard that some of our background checks have come back and some haven’t. Same with our reference letters. It seems to have taken awhile for them to mail them out in the first place. I know 2 have been received, and I know 2 more are in the mail. Not sure on the 5th.

So, waiting. I do need to start tackling the stacks of paperwork they left last time. But multi-page questionnaires about disabilities, diseases and behaviors you would or wouldn’t be willing to accept just don’t spark excitement. And I mean everything from AIDS or cancer to uses leg braces or a wheelchair to likes to set fires or poops inappropriately. Sigh. Other forms await too, like checking boxes to describe our personality traits, how we grew up, how we feel about our parents, etc.

Also, I need to find someone to be our babysitter. Someone willing to go through a background check and home visit. Or preferably 2-3 such folks. It’s hard to ask people to submit themselves to that on our account. Especially since we are still trying to get pregnant and aren’t certainly adopting at this point.


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