…and so it goes…

No luck with IUI #2. That sucks. Not a whole lot else I really want to write about that right now.

Spent some time at the clinic Tuesday working out a few issues with my bill and getting all paid up. I finally got a basic list of costs written down so hopefully from here on out I can pay for everything at the time of service, which is what I have been trying to do recently, but my account was all backed up with old charges that they had tried to bill insurance for, that insurance obviously won’t pay for, and hadn’t billed me for. Let me say, having to go in on Day 2 when you’re cramping and bleeding all over yourself to finish paying for a procedure that clearly did not work is pretty shitty. (And yeah, regardless, Day 2 is a pretty moody day to begin with.)

So, if anyone is interested, here’s a list of how much stuff costs (and I’m not sure if these are the actual costs they would bill insurance for if it paid, or if these are lower self-pay prices):

Follicle check ultrasound: $75
HCG for my take-home shot: $185
Sperm wash kit: $53
Sperm washing: $50
IUI: $166
Office visit: $28 (sometimes they don’t charge me for this)

So, moving forward: Next follicle check is scheduled for Nov. 10, which hopefully will lead to IUI #3 in the few days after.


Still doing taekwondo. We are learning the Songahm 3 form, doing new self-defense moves and practicing jump front and jump round kicks, and reverse hook kick. I have started walking several times a week. So far a 2-plus mile walk around the lake and a mile and a half-ish walk to the library have been the most enjoyable. A little off-and-on yoga but I haven’t been as motivated on that. I’ve been trying to write down my workouts and set some basic goals to keep motivated. Last week I walked 9.5 miles total.


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